Here at Short Block Charlie’s we only use the best materials available in our products to ensure you the highest quality services possible. All of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A., in-house, right here at our machine shop. At this time our products are not for sale individually, but when we perform our top-notch services on your cylinder head, our products will be integrated into our work.

SBC Valve Seats

These valve seats are made out of an innovative non-beryllium copper material. This material dissipates heat seven-times as quickly as the stock valve seat material. What does this mean? This simply means that when your engine gets to the point where overheating becomes an issue, these valve seats keep the components in your cylinder head running cooler. When your engine is running, the valves become extremely hot. As the valve closes and makes contact with the valve seat for a split second, the valve seat must absorb and dissipate some of the heat away from the valve, into the aluminum of the head and into the water jackets to cool. That is where this new material’s ability to dissipate heat much quicker than the stock material comes into play. With the stock valve seats, your valves may become too hot and cause detonation and/or other problems. Along with helping to keep the valves cool, the softer compound of SBC valve seats also cushions the valves better than the stock material when they rest on the seat. This will help keep the valve from becoming worn or damaged over a long period of time. Our valve seats might just be that one component that keeps your engine running and prevents a major engine malfunction.

SBC Valve Guides

Our valve guides are manufactured from yet another innovative material composed of a copper-nickel alloy. This material, like our valve seat material, dissipates heat seven-times as quickly as the material used to make stock guides. As the valve opens and closes it is constantly in contact with the valve guide. Since the valves become very hot, the valve guide must dissipate heat away from the valve in the same way as the valve seat. Keeping the valves cool is a crucial part of preventing an engine malfunction that will break your wallet, and our valve guides aid in keeping the temperatures low. Also, with this material, we can create tighter tolerances where the valve moves through the valve guide. This will help prevent the valve from being able to move from side-to-side as it opens and closes, thus reducing the risk of “valve wash” from happening.