R&D Projects

M8 Project

We are going to give you an over-the-shoulder view as we begin working to develop and enhance the performance of the all-new 2017 Harley-Davidson M8 107ci Street Glide. There will be a complete list of featured videos of the project available on our YouTube channel.

The Game Plan

Appearance Upgrades

We are working with Precision Billet in an effort to assist them in developing new products for the M8.

Jerry Parhurst will be in charge of painting the bike - which will receive an orange and black color theme.

Isotropic Super Finishing (ISF)

We are going to ISF:

  • The complete primary
  • The transmission
  • The complete valve train
Performance Mods

  • Base line cylinder heads with intense flow testing
  • First set of heads - port and flow test with stock components
  • Install camshaft
  • Dyno tune and test
  • Use Dynojet Power Vision to flash ECM

Scotsman Pro Series Head

One project in the works is a newly designed Pro Series head. This seems to be an on-going project here. Working for NEWEN has opened many new doors for Charlie. He has had the chance to work with many talented people with the development of racing cylinder heads. Over the past year, he has seen many interesting ways to enhance air flow and port velocity. The main area of the Pro Series head we are working on is the intake port. A Harley-Davidson V-Twin engine has a short length port. The problem with this port design is the tight radius on the floor of the port. A few years ago, we introduced our Vortec head. This head worked really well, but the problem with it was that it was very labor-intensive to build. With the Pro Series head, we are designing a wing that is welded in the intake port. This wing is designed to enhance air flow on the tight radius. So far the results are slow in coming for the amount of time it takes to machine this port.

V-Rod Destroyer

We are also working on our V-Rod Destroyer cylinder head. We are working in two areas on this head. The first area we are addressing is working to eliminate the head's proneness to cracking between the intake valve seats. We have designed new non-beryllium copper valve seats to help eliminate head cracking and keep the seats from falling out. If you ever get chance to see a work of art, look at any V-Rod cylinder head. These heads flow more air than any head out there. There isn't much magic on the intake side of these heads, so we are working on the exhaust port, where we are welding a reversion dam on the floor of the port. This is helping in exhaust air flow and stopping the exhaust reversion pulse. Skip Taylor Racing has one of our new head designs and has broken into the 8 second bracket!