General Services

Vapor Blast Cleaning

New to our line of services is vapor blasting. Available as a stand-alone service.
NOTE: All of our head modifications include our vapor blasting service.

Crank Case Set
Single $45.00
Twin $55.00
Triple / Four $75.00
Single $20.00
Twin $30.00
Triple / Four $50.00
Heads (must be disassembled)
Single $25.00
Twin $40.00
Triple / Four $75.00

NOTES: Vapor blasting does not remove paint or gaskets (we have paint stripping service available - call for price quote). All parts in cases must be removed, such as bearings. Please be sure to pack your parts well when shipping to us, as we are not responsible for parts damaged or lost in transit. Please complete this ORDER FORM and send with your parts.

Paint Stripping

We are now offering paint stripping services for your painted and/or powder coated parts.
Call for Quote (480-282-3472)

Cylinder Head Services

Valve Jobs / Cut Seats
Evolution / Twin Cam $140.00 per set
V-Rod $220.00 per set
NOTE: All valve jobs are CNC machined.
Valve Seat Replacement
First Seat $85.00
Additional Seats $55.00 each
NOTE: Includes labor and parts.
Valve Guide Replacement
First Guide $55.00
Additional Guides $35.00 each
NOTE: Includes labor and parts.
Compression Release Installation
Manual $60.00 per set
Electric $100.00 per set
NOTE: Includes labor and parts.
Other Services
Deck Cylinder Heads $60.00 per set
Spin-Drop Cylinder Heads $100.00 per set
Performance Head Packages
(Click Package for Details)
SBC Scotsman Heads $595.00 - $995.00
7mm Valve Conversion $395.00
Tri-Glide Packages $345.00 - $1,295.00
V-Rod Packages $595.00 - $1.695.00